control2This work stream aims to continually review existing arrangements for providing Fire Control across the three Welsh FRSs.

To provide a collaborative approach to delivering integrated blue light Control facilities; and to develop collaborative opportunities in order to deliver more resilient, efficient and effective Emergency Control Rooms.

Joint Public Service Centre Project

This is developing a single fire control team for Mid and West Wales FRS and South Wales FRS that matches the needs of the community.  As this is co-located with South Wales Police Control it will drive collaboration between blue light services in Wales.

The Aim is to enhance the operational resilience of emergency services in Wales and improve existing operational working between Fire and Rescue and Police Forces in Wales.

NWFRS Control Project

Will improve the North Wales Control Room and enhance the operational resilience of emergency services in Wales.  This is not an NIC project but links closely with NIC work.

Resilience (Business Continuity)

Securing operational resilience of emergency services between the two Welsh Control Centres.

Emergency Services Network (ESN)

This network will shortly be improved this work stream will be working closely with the national project team during implementation.

Data Sharing in the Control Environment

Sharing Data to enhance the operational elements and interoperability of blue light services.

Use of 999 APS

Exploring new technologies to assist with data gathering and deployment opportunities.

All Wales Call Challenge

Introducing annual reporting to the NIC outlining the volume of calls challenged and the estimated cost avoidance savings.

Developing a citizen-focused awareness and support protocol to deal with situations where callers request actions that are outside FRS statutory obligations


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