Fleet and Transport

Fflyd a Thrafnidiaeth - Fleet and TransportThe aim of this work stream is to promote effective working arrangements in Fleet Services between the three FRS.

Minimising unnecessary duplication and maximising the benefits of collaboration and enhancing cross service learning and innovation.

Reducing unnecessary duplication across the three Welsh FRS’s whilst still delivering services and fleet solutions which fits the needs of each community
The areas of focus for this work stream are:

  • Refreshing the current All Wales Water Ladder procurement contract to deliver best value for the communities of Wales.
  • Aligning vehicle maintenance / compliance schedules to ensure a consistency of approach across Wales.
  • Developing a long term All Wales Fleets Capital Replacement programme so that future fleet replacement across Wales can be coordinated to ensure interoperability and economies of scale are delivered.
  • Reviewing and pursuing collaborative opportunities with other partners outside of Fire/Fire where strategically viable.
  • Reviewing Road Risk Policy
  • Long term Capability Management (LTCM) Contract.
  • Sharing Information to improve organisational learning.


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