Health & Safety

hsThis work stream aims to align our H&S practices across our three Fire & Rescue services.

Realising the benefits derived from, and the true potential of collaborative working to enhance H&S effectiveness and the safety of our staff and ultimately our communities.
The areas of focus for this work stream are:

  • Health & Safety Culture
    • Developing a H&S culture amongst all staff
  • Workplace Stress Survey
    • Identify issues that contribute to workplace stress
  • Claims & Insurance Provision
    • Reduced insurance claims and Insurance Premium
  • Accident Investigation Process
    • Common Practice across 3 FRS’s and open sharing of findings and learning
  • Statistics and Performance
    • Benchmarking and common template for reporting to compare and contrast performance Wales and UK wide
  • Peer Review
    • Mechanism to inform ops assurance process for H&S
  • H&S Policy
    • Common Policy statement for 3 FRS’s with particulars to each FRS in Wales


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