National Crewing Arrangements

Project update- September 2014

Update December 2014.

The project is currently going well, and the second paper was presented at the last NIC meeting, that was held on the 14 October 2014 at Llandrindod Wells Fire Station.

The second paper has identified a number of crewing arrangement systems that will be considered by each Fire Authority for further progress and investigation.

The second paper has been uploaded to the NIC library /Document section.

Aim of the project

  • Review crewing / resourcing models used by a wide range of organisations
  • Undertake an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the main crewing models
  • Provide a suite of options on future crewing for consideration

Scope of the project

  • Identifying crewing models used by blue light services, other public sector and private sector organisations in the UK, Europe and worldwide
  • Analysing crewing models based on urban and rural requirements, risk and levels of demand
  • Considering where models could work based on urban, rural, level of risk and demand
  • Consider if or how models could dovetail together to provide and effective and efficient service to communities

The project has considered the potential implications of each model on the community, salary budgets, staff numbers and grey book terms and conditions.

 Christian Hadfield.