Date:October 01, 2014

National Community Safety Delivery Systems

An improved approach to CS through better use of data, and sharing of information with key stakeholders, leading to a sustainable reduction of risk.

This workstream has focused on developing uniformity to Business Fire Safety and Community Safety work across Wales through alignment of strategies and procedures. Developing wherever practical an all Wales approach to business processes and the alignment of working methodologies. To date the workstream has led to the development and introduction of a number of joint initiatives designed to realise improved effectiveness and efficiencies. This work has been made possible as a result of the strong working relationships that exist between the services and by a willingness to share and identify best practice wherever possible

An All Wales approach to all aspects of strategy and policy which delivers efficiency and improved outcomes

  • A single Community Safety Strategy and Policy for Wales
  • A single Community Safety Manager for Wales
  • A Commonality of policy and approach to domestic safety, anti-Fire Setting and partnership Working
  • To provide a consistent approach to community safety/risk reduction activities in Wales.