procurementThe aim of this work stream is to create a FRS Procurement Structure that makes the best of opportunities to deliver efficiencies and other improvements in the acquisition of goods, services and the awarding of contracts, across the three FRS’s in Wales.

By emphasising the importance of collaborative procurement in the FRS’s because of the significant efficiencies and other benefits it can deliver.

The areas of focus for this work stream are:

  • Wales Fire & Rescue Procurement StrategyA framework for procurement within the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) in Wales from 2014 – 2018 in line with the Welsh Procurement Policy Statement.
  • Rolling Contract Plan
  • Identification of what is required, when it is required, resource allocation, lead authority and timescales
  • Contracts Register
  • To allow improved advance planning for procurement and contract management activity and the identification of continuous improvement opportunities
  • Spend Analysis/savings
  • Cashable and non-cashable savings will arise from aggregation of demand and the elimination of duplication in processes in the Welsh FRS’s
  • Peer review - Self assessment fitness checks
  • To measure against a procurement maturity model through self-assessment fitness check and identify areas for improvement
  • Procurement Training
  • To ensure a consistent approach to the training and development of staff that have a procurement role throughout the fire service in line with good practice


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