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Hyfforddi a Datblygu - Training & Development
The aim of this work stream is to align our Training and Development practices and procedures across our three Fire and Rescue Services wherever possible.

Realising the benefits derived from, and the true potential of collaborative working to enhance Training and Development effectiveness and efficiency

By delivering Training and Development functions that ensure our employees are safe and competent to perform their roles.

This will be achieved as part of an Operational Competency Framework which is realised via Assessment Frameworks, National Operational Guidance Programmes and Health and Safety Legislation.

The areas of focus for this workstream are:

  • On-call Initial Training CoursesIdentify best practices and align requirements of initial training courses across each FRS
  • Road Traffic Collision (RTC) Training
    • Standardise the approach to RTC training across each FRS
  • Breathing Apparatus (BA) Guidance
    • Implementation of BA National Operational Guidance
  • Driver Training
    • Standardise the approach to Driver training across each FRS
  • Incident Command Development
    • In line with the introduction of Incident Command National Operational Guidance, deliver a standard approach to developing and qualifying Incident Commanders
  • Technical Examinations
    • Establish an All Wales Technical Examination Board




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